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PL360 Alarm frequency
I setup alarm to my PL360. But I can't change to frequency. It's at 855 kHz so in the morning this frequency empty and I can get up with like a buzzer. 
Could you describe me how can I change alarm frequency to Tecsun PL-360?
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Dear Seyfi, the operating manual of PL 360 says this:

1. Turn on the radio, tune into your favorite alarm radio station. Please set the volume to a  noticeable level.

2. Short press [MEM.] button and notice the PRESET number flashing in the upper right corner of the display.

3. While it flashing, press the [ALARM] button and notice "x" symbol is flashing for a couple of seconds. Now this alarm radio station is set.

Did you try this already? [The "x" in this reply is an 'alarm' symbol in the manual.]

73. Haluk

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